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In response to a number of calls from hospitals and municipalities, JFP shifted its production resources to work on masks and gowns in late March 2020.

While we do not have the capabilities to produce N95 masks, we can produce cut and sewn masks in a variety of materials. We are currently producing masks with a lightweight coated fabric on the outside, and a cotton fabric on the inside, with either elastic or tie straps. These masks have been requested by hospitals, police departments, fire departments, nursing homes and other institutions.

We are also producing disposable and washable gowns for first responders.

These items went from concept to production in just 5 days. We have sewing engineers, pattern makers and sewing machine operators who are incredibly adaptive and are ready to tackle any healthcare or medical products you need sewn during this challenging time for our country.

To inquire about the masks or gowns we are currently producing, or to have us engineer other sewn products you need, contact us at

Image of a woman at in a factory at an industrial sewing machine sewing face masks.
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